2019/20 SPA Board

We welcome and encourage highly organized, highly motivated, positive people to join our board. We organize over 40 events, committees, and ongoing support activities throughout the year and we need engaged parents to help pull it all together.

Parents on the board provide positive support to Stanton staff and volunteers. The abilities to organize, manage, and communicate, while creating a positive experience for everyone is very important.


Amy Ramos is a parent of two, with one 3rd grader at Stanton.  Amy works in a HQ corporate role crunching numbers (zzzz).  Amy is the Vice President of Castro Valley Soccer Club, coaches soccer, and manages the Theatre Program on the Castro Valley Education Foundation board.  She was recently honored by the Castro Valley Education Foundation with the “Friend of Education” award.  Amy believes the stronger the community the stronger the individuals in it.


Vice President

Millie Cowley-Crawford is a parent of a 2nd grader and a 5th grader. Millie is a civil engineer and amateur baker who loves organizing to-do lists.


Recording Secretary

Becky Stanek-Rykoff is a parent of a 1st grader and a 4th grader. She works in grant program management, serves on the Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and enjoys hiking, knitting, and gardening.


Corresponding Secretary

Layla Parker is a parent to a second grader. She enjoys reading and crossword puzzles.



Justin Kemp is a parent of a 2nd grader. He is a procurement manager in the building materials industry. But what Justin really does is centered around various volunteer organizations, including CASA and NoH8 Campaign. He also enjoys working at conventions, such as SVCC, SFCC, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, and Walker-Stalker Convention.



Janine Dictor Hyatt is parent to a 1st grader and preschooler. Janine works in software, catering specifically to local governments. She enjoys playing soccer, hiking and nearly anything creative


Executive Liaison

Mary Halaka Lodge is a parent of a 4th grader. Mary enjoys traveling, her Rodeo Family Friends, and helping out in the Community


Election Cycle

Each year, elections are held to nominate and vote into office a SPA board. The nomination committee is formed in April and consists of three members: one appointed by the current board and two nominated from the general membership. After utilizing means to reach the entire membership, nominees for officers will be presented first to the Executive Board and then published to the general membership.

Elections are held at the general membership meeting in May. At that time, nominations will also be open from the floor.

Officers serve from July 1 to August 31 of the following year (a 14 month term).