2019 Power Up! Walkathon at Stanton Elementary

We Need You! (Volunteers)

Click Here for the PDF Version of the Walkathon Information Packet

  • Now:
    • WE NEED RAFFLE PRIZES!   Can you offer donations for the raffle?  Can you ask for donations from your business/employer?  Contact us at wat@stantonspa.com if you have an idea or a donation!
  • Day of the event, we need help:
    • Setting up tables, canopies, the race track, the food, and the Fun Zone.
    • Managing games in the Fun Zone.
    • Preparing and serving food.
    • Supervising kids on the race track.
  • After the event:
    • We need help cleaning up!  With a large team, we get everything cleaned up and put away quickly.

To Volunteer: Please sign up using Sign-Up Genius at https://stantonspa.com/volunteer/

Questions? Email wat@stantonspa.com

Tickets & Tees Pre-order

Tickets will be available for sale at the event. Very limited number of T-shirts will also be available for sale. Avoid the lines, and the risk of being out of stock, by pre-ordering them by online at stantonspa.com.

To Pre-order Walkathon T-Shirts or Tickets, Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Walkathon?
    • A walkathon, like a marathon, is a way of raising money by asking for sponsors. Sponsors are people who make a promise to donate for each lap your child completes, such as $1 per lap, $2 per lap, $5 per lap, and so on. During the walkathon event, we will record the number of laps completed, so that the sponsors will know how much to donate. Sponsors can also make a flat dollar amount donation as well.
  • What are the tickets for?
    • During the Walkathon, we will also have raffles, games, and food vendors. The tickets you purchase can be used for any or all of these.
  • How many tickets do I need?
    • Raffle = 1 Ticket per entry
    • Fun Zone
      • Game Truck = 5 Tickets
      • Dunk Tank = 4 Tickets
      • Hoop Game = 4 Tickets
      • Lollipop Game = 1 Ticket
      • Ring Toss = 1 Ticket
    • Food & Drink
      • Pulled Pork Sandwiches = 6 Tickets
      • Nachos = 4 Tickets
      • Pizza = 4 Tickets
      • Rita’s Italian Ice = 4 Tickets
      • Cotton Candy = 3 Tickets
      • Popcorn = 2 Tickets
      • Water = 2 Tickets
      • Juice = 2 Tickets
      • Baked Goods (2-4 Tickets)
    • Photo Booth = 4 Tickets
  • When is Power Up! Walkathon 2019?
    • 1:45pm – 4:30 pm Friday October 11th
  • Can I help?
    • Absolutely! Just be sure you’ve completed our Megan’s Law volunteer form (a new form is needed each year – extra forms are in the office)
  • What does my child need to participate?
    • A “Sticker to Walk’’ and a smile
  • How do I get a “Sticker to Walk”?
    • Your child will receive the “Sticker to Walk” from their teacher, the day of the event.
  • How do I sponsor my child?
  • When is my order form due?
    • September 13. Submit with cash or check to the SPA box in the office.
  • Where is the Power Up! Walkathon?
    • On the field. If it rains, we will walk in the hallways.
  • Who can come?
    • The entire Stanton community.
  • Why?
    • The Walkathon our biggest fundraiser of the year and with it we purchase classroom supplies, equipment around school, subsidize field trips, and fund events and programs.
  • What’s in it for my student?
    • A day of fun with friends and family, activities, exercise, and the chance to raise money for Stanton.